Why to Invest in Switzerland?

Switzerland is counted as one of the most popular safe haven investment destinations in World. Investors across the countries prefer investing in Swiss Asset Management due to various reasons including the reputation for protecting the valuables, political neutrality, strong economy, low national debt, low inflation and low unemployment rate.

Switzerland is the World's second largest FDI recepient from the European Union with a fair and transparent legal system. It has a very extensive, efficient and reliable capital markets. Furthermore, Switzerland offers various tax incentives to its cantons in order to attract the investors to establish businesses in their jurisdictions. Switzerland has a very important strategic location and it offers investors a gateway to European, African and Middle-East markets.


Switzerland has one of the World's most advanced research and development infrastructure and a highly educated skilled workforce. The country is open to foreigners which is evident from its diverse population. 22% of the total population is occupied by temporary and residential foriegn workers. Employers have the choice to hire highly productive multilingual workforce.

The banks offer a high level of secrecy and monetory security policies to investors. Swiss franc has also proved to be a higly stable currency during the trubulent markets. Switzerland has a very strong and best healthcare system in the world. The public transport system is very good and the education system is also excellent.

The political stability of the country is no secret which offers you the highest personal safety in Europe. Switzerland has a very high quality of living standard with great respect for personal privacy and minimum interference by the government and no prejudice against the wealthy class.

Switzerland has many investment protection treaties signed with more than 112 currently in force. It has not been involved in any major international disagreement relating to foriegn investment. It is completely legal to own a majority stake of any Swiss local company. There is no obligation for declarations. To protect the misuse of Swiss liberal market framework, the Government has put in place the Due Deligence Guidelines in the banking industry which makes it mandatory for banks to identify the beneficial owners of the invested funds.

There is complete freedom to purchase land and buildings for any commercial purpose in the country. Ready to move office spaces on rent are available in the country all over. Cantons also offer various tax holidays, low tax rates for upto 10 years and subsidies on the bank loans.

If you are looking to incorporate a new company in Switzerland or interested in buying a pre existing completely legal shelf Swiss asset management company, Swiss trust, banking license etc We are here to help you. Contact us with your queries/requirements and we will be delighted to help you.

How to own a Swiss Asset Management Company?

A Swiss Trust Company is counted as a premier asset management structure across the World for managing the client assets and funds. MR Consulting provides you fresh shelf Swiss Asset Management companies as well as aged vintage Swiss Trusts for sale which are free from any liabilities and lawsuits.

The most importand legal company forms in Switzerland are:

1. Public Limited Company (AG/SA):

One of the members or director must be a resident of Switzerland with sole authorization to sign on behalf of the company. This prerequisite can also be met if two members of the board or two directors have joint signatory rights and are residents of Switzerland.

2. Limited Liability Company (Gmbh/Sarl):

Minimum one of the managing Director's should be a resident of Switzerland and must be authorized to sign on behalf of the company.

3. Sole Proprietorship:

This is the most common type of company after Public limited company. The owner must be Swiss resident.

4. General Partnership:

It is similar to Sole Proprietorship but having more than one owner. All the owners must be Swiss residents. 

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FAQ's for Incorporating a Swiss Company:

How long does it take to Form a Company?

After the initial documentation and agreements have been signed it can take upto 2-3 weeks for us to set up a company for you in switzerland.

Does the Founder need to be present in Switzerland for forming a Company?

No the founder's need not to be physicall present in Switzerland. However, the founder intending to have signatory right in the Swiss commercial register has to get the Signature certified.

How to Get the Signature Certified?

The signature can be certified from any Swiss Consulate or also with a specially qualified Swiss notary (by means of apostille).

You may contact us for any queries.

How to Buy a Swiss Shelf Company

In our previous topic “How to Setup a Holding Company in Switzerland?, we have shared with you the benefits of owning a Swiss Asset Management Company. Switzerland being a financially stable country, has a strong economy and curency, the tax system is liberal offering foriegn invertors lot of tax benefits. Switzerland is counted as one of the World's top financial centre with central location in Europe hosting Head Offices of many top multinational companies. You can get easily highly qualifeid multilingual workforce. Freedom of trade and industry is guaranteed by the Swiss Constitution which implies both to the native citizens and foriegn nationals.

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Opting to buy a 'shelf company' or ready for sale company is the easiest option and hassle free way to own a business in Switzerland. We do offer Swiss Asset Management companies, Swiss Trusts, Swiss Bank Licenses and even Luxembourg Fund setup. We offer regular Sale of of many aged shelf companies which are fully incorporated and can be setup immediately for different trades or businesses.

Buying a pre-existing shelf company saves you a lot of time which is required for completing the formalities of creating a new company and registering the same with the authorities around Switzerland. It also helps you to choose from the available prestigious and memorable company names which can help in boosting the consumer and investor confidence. However if you wish to change the name of the Company the cost is covered with the package and is included with the price offered. Swiss Vintage Ready made companies in comparision to the newly incorporated company gives your investors and clients a positive impression for being and old and established entity which enhances the credibility of your company.

Our Shelf Companies have a legal address around Switzerland especially around Zug which is a low tax jurisdiction. The ready made company comes with a fully operational bank account, phone and fax numbers, legal address and are registered with the Swiss tax authorities. You may also opt for our consultant services for further services required.

Your company comes with the following legal documents:

1. Certificate of Incorporation.

2. Articles of Association (Which is bi-lingual).

3. A legalized set of the above mentioned documents.

The companies offered for Sale by MR Consulting are free from any liabilities and lawsuits. We provide full waranty for the same. For any clarification fee free to Contact Us.

How to Setup a Holding Company in Switzerland

Incorporation of a Swiss Asset Management Business in Switzerland offers you a lot of advantages in terms of political, economic, financial stability and liberal tax schemes. Here we are citing an example of the benefits entitled by founding a Swiss Holding Company (GmbH/SARL or AG/SA) which offers you the additional advantages from low corporate income tax and Capital gains at cantonal and federal levels.

A Swiss Holding Company is one that cannot perform any commercial activity in Switzerland but holds and also manages their participations and long term financial investments in other Corporations. The Financial participation of the Holding Company includes all types of shares and shareholding, providing long term loans to companies.


When speaking of a Swiss Holding Company we mean Joint Stock Corporation (AG/SA), Sole Proprietorship, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company (Gmbh/SARL), Ordinary Partnership and last but not the least General partnership. Although recommending a particular company to our clients depends on their requirements and Financial strength of the clients.

What are the Advantages of a Swiss Holding Company?

This is the most common and important question that strikes to one's mind when planning to incorporate a Holding Company in Switzerland. Holding Companies enjoy the benefits of exemption from income taxes for cantonal tax purposes which is of course a holding privilege. Holding Companies also pay less corporate income tax on its earned dividends which is a participation exemption.

Setting up of any type of Asset Management Services or Company inside Switzerland entitles you with an immediate benefit of owning a bank account with any of the largest domestic banks of Switzerland. A high level of confidentiality and discretion is maintained in all the professional matters.

The holding facilities help you in optimizing the taxation within a Group of Companies. It also enables you to promote a single brand name out of a group of companies. You can also avail the financial securities under Swiss Jurisdiction and bankruptcy protection from creditors.

Founding a Holding Company is relatively an easy process that takes a few weeks to complete. MR Consulting provides you with complete solution for any Swiss Asset Management Services, acquiring Swiss Bank License, setting up of Swiss Trusts or Luxembourg Fund setup. Should you have any query feel free to Contact Us.